Automate High-touch Follow Up

Imagine if you had the power to check-in with every patient, every single day

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Dr. Chen

“Through HealthLoop, he checked in with me daily on my condition and answered any questions I had, even on weekends and Mother’s Day!! I sought treatment from Dr. Chen because he had been rated a 5-star doctor. He fully lived up to this rating.”

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for James Chen, MD

5-Star Patient Experience

  • Drive outcomes with incredible satisfaction
  • Shield & enhance your online reputation
  • Strengthen your referral base

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Michael Dillingham, MD

“On several occasions we’ve picked up significant complications much sooner than we might have otherwise. It reinforces…here’s the plan, here are the reminders. It’s hard not to remember…HealthLoop informs and teaches the patient.”

Michael Dillingham, MD

Reduce Clinical Risks

  • Detect and manage at-risk patients
  • Mitigate malpractice exposure
  • Reduce cancellation rates

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Automate High-Touch Follow Up