Front End Engineer

HealthLoop is the leading digital health platform for patient engagement and care coordination. We are changing the way patients manage their health and connect with their care teams.

HealthLoop Background

The HealthLoop® patient follow-up solution improves patient outcomes by engaging patients in their recoveries, connecting them with their physicians, and detecting impending complications early, thereby reducing morbidity, decreasing unneeded visits, and minimizing preventable admissions/readmissions.  HealthLoop’s patient engagement platform enables physician practices to monitor and evaluate patients between office visits to optimize recovery and increase patient confidence.

Job Description

Job Title: Front End Engineer

Location: Mountain View, CA

HealthLoop is looking for a creative and highly motivated Frontend Engineer to change the healthcare industry with us.

At HealthLoop, our mission is to help doctors treat every patient like the most important person in the world. Right now, that means we help patients prepare for upcoming surgeries by providing personalized checklists and prep materials, and we help them recover by monitoring their symptoms and sending timely reminders. Patients can communicate with their care team through our web app, and if anything seems less than perfect, we notify the doctor’s office.

At HealthLoop, you’ll work iteratively with our design team to create a world-class experience for our users.  Whether you find a nasty pixel out of place or a javascript animation that is not performing at it best, you’ll dive in, narrow it down, and pull in the rest of us so we can all experience the rush of a 10x boost. When we discover an anti-pattern as a business, you’ll automatically think of a proposed solution, adapt and combine with others, justify your new super-idea with data, and build a quick and dirty prototype. In other words, at HealthLoop, you own the product, with the rest of us.

Our Technology

HealthLoop is built on top of web technologies and we currently use Backbone.js as our web framework.
Most of our backends and APIs are running on Ruby on Rails.
For our data layer, we use PostgreSQL and Redis.
We also have an iOS and Android app that wraps our mobile web implementation.
Bonus: We are currently working on switching to a ReactJS stack


You’re probably a great candidate if you have:

● The goal of making a pixel perfect application at any time.
● An engineering degree, or the ability to make us not care that you don’t have one.
● Proficiency in Javascript frameworks/stacks like Backbone and/or React.
● A sense of cutting-edge front-end development practices and technology (HTML5, CSS, Responsive Design, Usability).
● General experience with server-side technology, preferably with Ruby on Rails.

You’ll join a team where everyone is knowledgeable about development patterns and cares deeply about the product development process. Everyone that joins our team has a direct impact on the direction and success of HealthLoop. We are an incredibly supportive team and we love to pitch in when problems arise and give great peer feedback to help each other grow. We are passionate about lots of things and we can’t wait for someone like you to bring your own passions and share with the group.

To apply or know more about the position, please contact:
Javier Ayala
Lead Frontend Engineer


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