HealthLoop Milestone Announced – Over 125,000 Doctor-Patient Engagements Automated in the Past Year

New details on the doctor-patient platform being shared at the HIMSS conference

(Mountain View, CA, April 10, 2015) – HealthLoop, the patient experience and physician engagement leader, today announced that it has enabled over 125,000 digital patient check-ins in the past 12 months; effectively organizing information and communication for $50 million in healthcare services rendered by physicians and hospitals. HealthLoop has seen rapid growth of its engagement programs that amplify the care doctors provide to patients. It is estimated that the company has already saved doctors 25,000 hours of phone time in 2015 by creating intelligently designed, automated follow up narratives with patients before and after hospitalizations, office visits, and same day procedures.

Patient engagement is a major topic of interest at this year’s Health Information and Management System Society’s (HIMSS) conference in Chicago. Seven out of ten healthcare leaders are looking for technology to support patient health evaluation and coaching, according to a report released this week by HIMSS Analytics. The report also found that patient engagement initiatives often struggle with a lack of definitive leadership inside healthcare organizations.

“We spend $1.5 trillion each year on healthcare services. Most of that care has no safety-net after the patient leaves the hospital,” said Todd Johnson, CEO, HealthLoop. “Increasingly, healthcare professionals know that they need to engage with patients at home in order to achieve better outcomes at reduced costs. HealthLoop has proven itself as the leading enterprise platform to facilitate that engagement.”

HealthLoop’s engagement system helps doctors and their staff save time while providing personal and contextually relevant care to large populations of patients. As patients are discharged from the hospital, emergency room, or physicians’ offices, they are enrolled on condition-specific automated electronic care plans that provide timely, empathetic, and contextual guidance, coupled with clinically meaningful and actionable patient-reported assessments. The shared value perceived by both patients and healthcare providers alike inspire unparalleled engagement, promote high compliance, and result in the best outcomes possible.

“Patient engagement is a buzzword, but customer service is nothing new,” said Jordan Shlain, MD, HealthLoop founder. “Smart hospitals and physicians are increasingly demanding CRM-style technology from the health IT sector. HealthLoop enables a thoughtful digital instantiation of a clinician’s desire to pair empathy with action. This gives doctors the ability to offer 5-star service to their patients while barely lifting a finger to do it.”

HealthLoop will be discussing its growth and case studies of providing exceptional patient care next week at the HIMSS conference, booth #5438. In addition, HealthLoop will be a featured technology in the inaugural HX360 showcase sponsored by AVIA and HIMSS, booth #8191.



HealthLoop keeps doctors, patients, and caregivers connected between visits with clinical information that is insightful, actionable, and engaging. HealthLoop’s peer-reviewed, detailed follow-up plans proactively communicate routine aspects of care while tracking patient progress and monitoring clinical areas of concern, boosting efficiency and improving outcomes through patient engagement. HealthLoop is a Mountain View, CA–based company, founded by Dr. Jordan Shlain, a primary care doctor in San Francisco.


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