How HealthLoop Can Help You


HealthLoop helps you meet the CJR requirements

Patients are the most underutilized resource in the achievement of better outcomes at lower costs. Patient engagement is the next blockbuster intervention to transform to value-based care. Patients want to engage, you just need to make it easy. HealthLoop can provide the right continuity of care, connecting patients, physicians and the hospital. Here’s how to achieve the greatest outcomes from CJR with HealthLoop.


Lower costs

HealthLoop provides engaging content to help patients comply with care plans and achieve the greatest results from their procedure without the need for higher utilization. With HealthLoop’s patient engagement platform, post-acute spending can be reduced and patients can get home quicker while still receiving the best care. Build strong relationships, processes and tools to engage the physician and the patient throughout the episode.


Meet the Quality Metrics

HealthLoop identifies patients at risk for complications and provides help before patients enter the emergency room.

  • HealthLoop’s engagement solution connects the patient to the care team, preventing readmissions 29% of the time.1
  • HealthLoop's educational content and care team interaction can prevent complications.
  • Patients' VIP experience can increase HCAHPS scores by 4.8%.2
  • Activated patients respond to PROs with 76% completion rate at the one year mark.
  • 1 Hip and knee arthroplasty, all ages compared to NSQIP 2011 survey.


HealthLoop has a turnkey solution to easily capture and report the CJR PROs. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain advantage under CJR.


Communications Provide Continuity of Care

HealthLoop begins with monitoring patients pre-operatively to ensure they are optimally prepared for surgery. After surgery, HealthLoop ensures the transition from a hospital stay through complete recovery by delivering a guided 5-star patient experience and high-touch follow-up. HealthLoop’s evidence-based content and automated communication provide the highest level of patient service without the need to invest in additional staff or change workflows. CMS is encouraging the use of funds (or in-kind donations to patients) to support patient engagement and patient compliance post-discharge. HealthLoop can provide seamless communication with patients and physicians ensuring continuity of care to mitigate clinical risks before they become readmissions or ER visits.

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