HealthLoop Improve™

Collect Outcomes, Demonstrate Excellence

Knowing which patients need attention now can be challenging with the status quo process of phone calls for follow-up.  With HealthLoop Improve,™ our proven technology-enabled engagement platform and evidence-based content helps providers target their attention on the patients that need them the most.  Each and every day all patients can receive superior service and empathetic communication through their courses of care.

Increase completion rate of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)
Manage reporting for bundled payments and gain share
Benchmark performance and enhance reputation patients
62% PRO response rate at the one year mark with no new work

HealthLoop lowers cost of care and increases quality through automated ‘check ins.’ Patients are connected to their physicians or care team with digitally delivered empathy and responsive communication.

Along the way and through the patient journey, HealthLoop asks comprehension questions to ensure patients are following care instructions. Throughout recovery, and at certain specified intervals, patients are also presented with Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) questions to ascertain and measure outcomes. Since patients were getting guidance and reassurance during their treatment, they are glad to fill out questions when their physician or hospital asks them. In fact, HealthLoop patients respond to PROs 62% of the time even at the one-year mark.

Increasingly, CMS and other commercial payers are incentivizing the reporting of PROs through alternative payment models. For DRG 469 & 470, hospitals can now earn as much as $300 per case by voluntarily reporting PROs.  These can help hospital composite quality metric scores and result in as much as a 1.5% increase in episodic price per case when voluntarily submitted to CMS on an annual basis.  CMS’ threshold for submission is 50 patients or 50% of Medicare FFS patients in 2016.

Providers can review PRO responses and benchmark performance to enhance their reputation and build revenue.

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