Records tell you what happened; we tell you what's happening.

HealthLoop® connects doctors and patients with timely and actionable information, improving patient satisfaction and driving better outcomes.

New! HealthLoop integrates with Apple’s Health app, enabling patients to share medical and activity data with their doctors right from their iPhones. Now available to patients in the App Store.

You Are The Outcome

Automated follow-up and continuous learning

Introducing HealthLoop®

HealthLoop is a cloud-based platform that automates follow-up care; keeping doctors, patients and care-givers connected between visits with clinical information that is insightful, actionable, and engaging. Our peer-reviewed follow-up plans automate the routine aspects of care while tracking patient progress and monitoring clinical areas of concern. Our analytics engine sifts through and filters the deluge of patient-generated data in realtime; focusing the care team’s time and attention on patients who need them the most.

Patient-clinician partnerships are a cornerstone of the continuously learning health systems that America needs.

Institute of Medicine, Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America

With routine Medical Micro-Visit™ check-ins, patients feel well cared for and connected to their doctors. HealthLoop optimizes the care team by automating follow-up, detecting complications early, and leveraging trust to deliver an outstanding patient experience.

HealthLoop is Hiring!

Join our team of pioneering innovators and help us architect the future of healthcare.

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Patient satisfaction and efficacy by presence of a personal connection

from the Connectedness and Continuity study by the Blue Shield of California Foundation

Care is excellent / very good

Very informed about health

Very comfortable asking questions

Very confident making health decisions

Everybody Wins

Aligning incentives for real systems change

We're not changing the game; we're re-architecting the healthcare system to align all of the stake-holders with the doctor-patient relationship.

HealthLoop curates the patient experience, fosters excellence, and promotes gold-standard protocols across the enterprise.

  • Standardize high-touch follow-up protocols
  • Track real-world outcomes across care venues
  • Endear loyalty with longitudinal satisfaction
  • Reduce unnecessary costs and drive revenue to proactive service areas
HealthLoop gets you 'out in front of the claim' with realtime insight into outcomes that matter to your members.

  • Promote member retention with high-touch services
  • Drive star ratings through enhanced satisfaction
  • Curtail costs by preventing unnecessary complications
  • Illuminate performance with near-time analytics
HealthLoop routinizes gold standard protocols, mitigates exposure, and takes the patient experience to new heights.

  • Mitigate readmission with post-op surveillance
  • Ensure surgical preparation to safeguard cancellations
  • Elevate patient satisfaction with high-touch follow-up
  • Measure real-world outcomes with near-time analytics
HealthLoop automates the routine and repetitive aspects of care, refocusing the clinical team’s time and attention to where it matters most.

  • Provide High-Touch Follow-up
  • Adhere to Clinical Best Practices
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Calls
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
HealthLoop catalyzes engagement by engendering trust, connectedness, and continuity as cornerstones of the patient experience.

  • Maintain a strong sense of connection with your doctor
  • Understand every step of your healthcare journey
  • Get answers without waiting on hold
  • Guidance about the things that matter to you
Introducing HealthLoop

Remarkable Engagement Rates


of patients opt-in


feel more involved


avoided unnecessary calls

What Do You Care About?

Experience-Based Medicine and the Arc of Recovery™

Video Cover

ex∙perience-based med∙i∙cine |ikˈspi(ə)rēəns bāsed|ˈmedisən|


  1. Healthcare knowledge acquired through practical contact with patients: he drew on experience-based medicine to anticipate what mattered most to his patients during recovery.
  2. the knowledge or skill acquired by such means over a period of time, esp. that gained through the process of delivering clinical care: older physicians amass clinical wisdom through experience.

We've Been Listening

We’ve been listening and mining the experience of seasoned physicians, nurses, schedulers, care coordinators, patients, and their families. Each of these actors has a story to tell about what matters in the context of a specific disease, period of time, or phase of recovery. While 'evidence-based medicine' can provide us with important treatment protocols, it is the collective wisdom of 'experienced-based medicine' that informs us about what’s truly important to doctors and patients at a given point in time.

"Engagement is not motivation problem; it's an architectural problem. We need to make the patient's life easier." Daniel Pink, Author

HealthLoop incorporates evidence-based medicine and experience-based learnings in our gold-standard follow-up plans, addressing what matters most to everyone on the care team.


Average number of minutes a doctor spends conveying crucial information about diagnosis and treatment during a visit.


Average number of minutes spent face-to-face with doctor each year


Average days wait to get an appointment with a specialist


Percent of the instructions forgotten by the time a patient reaches the parking lot

PopYoulation Health

Where's the needle in your haystack?

Unlock Data Liquidity

Precision Population Management is the art of harnessing realtime data to understand who is in need of care right-now; putting the person (you) back in population health.

Precision Population Management

Stop Looking Back

HealthLoop's clinical analytics engine gets you 'out in front of the claim' by introducing actionable insights in realtime. Whereas EHRs and PHRs are the record of 'what's happened', HealthLoop operates in near-time to reveal 'what's happening' now, aligning back-office analytics with what matters most at the point-of-care.

Healthcare may be sitting on a treasure trove of big-data, but where's the canary in the coal mine?


HealthLoop is an open window into the new dimension of patient-generated data, illuminating comparative outcomes with a deeper understanding of what truly works. We're crowdsourcing the wisdom of physicians to 'complete the circuit' by keeping everyone in the loop, activating the continuous-learning healthcare system that America needs.


  • I have a lot of patients come back post op saying how much they loved having someone to talk to everyday.  One lady said she went to visit her daughter shortly after surgery and was bragging about how her doctor's office emails her every day to check on her.  She said it was almost sad when her daily notifications stopped because she had started to look forward to them so much.

    HealthLoop User
    Medical Assistant
  • Healthloop is a medical work of art at the vanguard of a whole new field of medicine called “home-based care.” What’s revolutionary about this concept is that it helps patients stay at home, obviates travel to the doctor’s office, opens up new lines of communication and empowers patients.

    Paul Turek, MD
    HealthLoop User

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